Crisis Employment Platform: An opportunity for employers to recruit talent and boost local team engagement

Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, are hosting their annual Employment Platform event on 29th March. Crisis does fantastic work supporting their members back into the world of employment. In 2016, they helped 287 clients to secure jobs in the construction, retail, hospitality and home care industries.

I strongly urge employers in these industries with job vacancies to attend their Employment Platform. The people that you will meet have navigated tough personal journeys and have worked hard to get the point where they feel ready to seek employment. Last year, representatives from the Premier Inn described their experience,

“The Employment platform gave us the opportunity to meet with amazing people who are very motivated and are willing to develop a career in hospitality. We have met many candidates that we have done a short interview with”.

Members have been expanding their skills with courses and qualifications run by Crisis, including catering, welding, plumbing, early education and journalism. And let’s be frank, their experiences and involvement with Crisis mean they are already demonstrating a few of those all important competencies recruiters are always chasing – resilience? check, driven? check, adaptive to change? check. Listen to some of the members at Crisis share their experiences of overcoming homelessness and gaining employment, you’ll be blown away.

In addition to the recruitment opportunity, there’s another strong benefit to this approach. Supporting the community by hiring someone that’s experienced homelessness will boost employee engagement in your organisation. Employees want to be part of an organisation that makes a positive impact on their community and will undoubtedly be motivated to help new recruits to settle in.

Let’s sum up the benefits:

  • A cost-efficient recruitment opportunity to meet skilled candidates
  • Promote your organisation and available (London based) job vacancies
  • Support your local community
  • Boost employee engagement in your organisation

Interested? Further details are here and if you’d like to attend, get in touch with Emily O’Connell, Job Brokerage Executive, at or call 020 7426 8510 / 07584565720.

My thanks to Jeff Hubbard for the photography featured in this blog.

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