Our consulting services ensure that, from the individual level through to team and organisational levels, employees are working in an environment where talent and engagement thrive.

Competency frameworks and job profiles

How can you ensure you’re getting the right people into the right roles, developing the skills critical for organisational success? The first stumbling block can often be a lack of clarity in job descriptions and the skills needed to achieve the company strategy. Once that’s in place, you need to be able to fairly assess potential candidates and develop employees against your criteria.

How can I do that?

Coaching and development

There is a balance to strike in the realm of development; organisations should make development opportunities accessible and provide clear performance expectations, but employees are the ones behind the steering wheel. Effective development tools help to retain your talent and give employees the know how to achieve optimal performance.

Tools you can put in place

Team profiling and development

Do teams have a handle on their capabilities mapped against what they’re required to deliver? Are team members working together effectively to maximise their performance? Have any newly formed teams (perhaps as a result of a restructure) had a chance to establish their ways of working?

No? Here are some solutions

Employee engagement

There is now overwhelming evidence demonstrating the business case for engagement. To achieve a competitive advantage, organisations need to be able to measure and drive employee engagement. There is no ‘start’ or ‘finish’ for this kind of initiative; engagement should become a part of business as usual. There are two main considerations, 1) how you’re going to measure it and 2) how you’ll enable people to take meaningful action.

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