Employee engagement

Sense check

As a starting point, you can analyse some of your business metrics. For example, if employee retention or number of absence days are not what they should be, you may have an issue with engagement.

Managers can also use informal team checklists, such as the one on the left, to gauge the feeling of their employees.

Employee survey

The classic approach is to run an employee survey. Debate continues about whether they continue to be the best approach, but at the moment there is no better way of getting a robust organisational measure of employee engagement.

The data provides a very tangible way of identifying the most effective actions to take. The content, frequency, methodology and style of reporting will all depend on your objectives and business context.

It’s critical that the programme is designed in alignment with the broader strategic aims of your organisation.

Take action

Unless you’re geared up to take action, don’t even start an engagement programme. Effective action planning should include the following:

  • Meaningful reporting and presentations
  • Regular employee communications
  • Support for companywide, department and team action planning
  • Manager workshops

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