Competency frameworks and job profiles

Define the path that leads to success

006-path-to-successThe first thing that is needed is a competency framework, and this doesn’t have to be complicated. Individuals need to be clear on the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will enable high performance and lead to success in your organisation. This will also be the basis for identifying candidates that will thrive in the role.

Ensure job descriptions are clear and up-to-date

Dusting off a job description that could feature in an antiques fair will only come back to haunt you later on. Invest the time and effort now to make sure you set clear expectations from the beginning. Job description(s) should:

  • be current
  • be aligned with the overall company strategy
  • explain both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of the job
  • define the success measures of performance

Utilise psychometrics in your selection process

Online psychometrics improve the quality and validity of your selection process, and reduce interviewer biases. I can advise you on the most appropriate assessments to use for a) filtering applications early on in the process to reduce volume or b) providing in-depth insight into the ‘fit’ of candidates against role requirements and culture.