Culture design and behavioural frameworks

Define your desired culture and behaviours

006-path-to-successDefine your aspirational culture in line with strategic goals so that the how supports the why and the what, creating a clear path for success. This doesn’t have to be complicated. But the cultural values and behaviours need to be clear and developed with input from leaders and employees alike.  This will provide the foundation for recruitment, development and employee experience. Cultural values state what the organisation stands for and the way things will get done.

Integrating cultural values into the employee lifecycle

All aspects of the employee lifecycle should align to cultural values to support behavioural change. This includes integrating values into:

  • Job descriptions and assessments
  • Performance management
  • Learning and development
  • Styles of leadership and management
  • Operational practices

Utilise psychometrics to support behavioural change

Psychometrics provide valuable and objective insight as to the ‘fit’ of an individual to the culture of an organisation. The in-depth personality analysis can be used for recruitment and for employee development and learning.